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As a result of his more than twenty years
 of legal experience, including his service to our community and the State of Texas as a District Court Judge and an Appellate Justice, Chris Antcliff is well aware of the value of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. He strives to ensure that all voices are heard during the conflict resolution process and to help all parties craft their own agreements. Chris Antcliff is an efficient and effective neutral whose goal is to assist litigants and their counsel along a reasonable path to resolution of their dispute.  A famous El Pasoan, Nolan Richardson, once said, “Do what you believe in…”.  I believe in mediation, as well as other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and I am passionate about helping individuals and entities resolve their conflicts.

Lucy Crabtree Office Administrator

Lucy Crabtree
Office Administrator

Our large conference room comfortably seats 12.

Our large conference room can comfortably accommodate 12.



Please contact Antcliff Mediation, P.L.L.C. at your convenience to begin saving the time and expenses associated with litigation.

Conference room available for mediation or arbitration.

Conference room available for mediation or arbitration.